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My project is a one year self-documentary project. I take photographs of my view and my face every one hour and record the sound around me whenever I am awake. This project is called "In And Out": it shows side by side photographs looking in at my face and out from my face. My work is about tracing and documenting my life pattern. I am the model of my work and I am the artist for my model.

The idea came from my experience. I grew up in Hokkaido, the far north of Japan. Because of my father’s job, my family moved every two to three years in Hokkaido and I changed my schools and friends every time we moved. I moved to Tokyo to study law at university and stayed there for ten years. I married with British husband and moved New York briefly. Finally, I moved to London and settled. My background is a little bit unique from a typical Japanese woman and I am adapting to the western life style. Now I have lived in London almost ten years and I have started a montage of my life and my habits. Living across so many communities, these projects are a way of testing and establishing identity.

I try to live as normally as possible during this project. Because I want to focus on a woman’s everyday life. But this project interrupt my life greatly. Every hour, I have to stop what I am doing, look for my camera and take photographs and a sound sample. I take a hundred photographs per day and I arrange them. This project require that I sit in front of a computer a long time. Because of the quantity of photographs, I have acquire strong technical computer knowledge. Also, I involve many people as well. My husband, my friends, and unknown people. When I take a photo of my view, some people noticed of my action and became tense, but then become relaxed again when I take a photo myself. I do not like to disturb people, but I need the result.





1st May 2006 - 30th April 2007

“365 Days” - Every one hour of my view. 1,312.8 cm X 64.6 cm C Type Print, mounted on form board

“Myself” - Every one hour of my face. 1,312.8 cm X 64.6 cm C Type Print, mounted on form board

“The Sound” - Every one hour of sound around me. Music CD (working process)

“You Are What You Eat” - Food and drink. DVD Digital slide show 5,141 images 10 minutes 23 seconds.

“Consumption” - 1,099 images of my shopping items and consumption. 300 cm X 87 cm.C Type Print, mounted on form board .

1st Aug. 2006 - 31st July 2007

“Out” - DVD Digital slide show 325 images of all deferent toilets I used in a year. 43 Sec.

New Project

1st Jan. 2008 - 31st Dec. 2008 (All work in progress)

“366 Days in 2008” - 1,316.4cm X 64.6cm C Type Print, mounted on form board

“Myself in 2008” - 1,316.4cm X 64.6cm C Type Print, mounted on form board

“The Sound in 2008” - Music CD

“You Are What You Eat in 2008” - DVD Digital slide show

“Consumption in 2008” - C Type Print

“Out in 2008” - DVD Digital slide show

“Jo” - Jo Owen’s face every one hour. He is my husband.

“You are What You Eat - Jo’s case” DVD Digital slide show


B.A.  2007 Fine Art  Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

B.A.  1990 Law        Dokkyo University


Hiromi Owen was born in 1968, Hokkaido, Japan. She has been a UK permanent resident since 1996. She is qualified as a qualified teacher at Sogetsu Ikebana School (Japanese Flower Arrangement School).

Group Exhibition:

Oct  2009  “The London Group Open Exhibition 2009” Menier Gallery

Oct  2009  “Metamerism” EASTGALLERY

Nov 2007  “Metamorphose” Islington Art Factory

May 2002  “Inspired by the V&A Collections” Victoria & Albert Museum

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